Arousal Oil – Counter Stand

Arousal Oil Counter Stand

Experience the amazing warming sensations of Fire IT Up, a warming arousal oil and clitoral stimulant. Prefer to feel a cool, tingling sensory experience? To enjoy intense chilling sensations, of Turn It On Cooling Arousal Oil.

Created to enhance touch, sensitivity, and pleasure in solo and foreplay encounters. With only one drop, you’ll experience mind-blowing orgasms. You’re only a few drops away from perfect bliss…

Includes Free Testers and Tester Sticks

No L-Arginine | No Parabens | No Chemicals | No Nasties


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Fire IT Up and Turn IT on are female enhancement arousal oil and clitoral stimulants. Made entirely of natural ingredients and is intended to stimulate and heighten sensual pleasure while also giving thrilling physical sensations, Wildfire Arousal Oils make for a night of amazing sex. Of course, they’re also ideal for a day of pure indulgence, even if it’s just for yourself. These oils are also water-resistant and are perfect for use in the shower, bath, or spa.

When applied to the clitoris, Fire IT Up warming arousal oil provides a warming sensation. This rapidly transforms into a buzzing feeling as it awakens nerve endings and increases blood flow. Touch and other types of physical stimulation become more intense as a result. Furthermore, and probably more importantly, it makes it much easier to achieve orgasm.

For those who prefer a cooler experience, Turn IT On cooling arousal oil creates a cooling effect in the clitoris. Quickly, this moves to a tingling sensation as it awakens nerve endings and increases blood flow. When this occurs, the sensation of touch and other physical stimulation increases. Most importantly, it helps you achieve orgasm more easily!

Read our blog on how to use arousal oils to discover more about having better orgasms by using an arousal oil as a clitoral stimulant.

You’re just a drop away from pure pleasure…

No L-Arginine | No Parabens | No Chemicals | No Nasties