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Cooling Arousal Oil

Turn IT On is a cooling arousal oil that promotes clitoral stimulation. Your body’s response enhances arousal and boosts natural moistness, resulting in orgasms that are faster to form, last longer, and occur more frequently.

It only takes one drop to Turn IT On, resulting in mind-blowing orgasms and a cool tingling sensation that will leave you breathless.

No L-Arginine | No Parabens | No Chemicals | No Nasties

Also available: Warming Arousal Oil

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Turn IT On is a clitoral arousal oil and powerful female libido booster. Made from natural ingredients, its infused aphrodisiacs are chosen for their powerful cooling properties and ability to enhance sex. Female arousal oils are the perfect essential for a day of escaping to incredible sex. And of course, they are also ideal for a night of pure pleasure with your partner or even by yourself!

Upon application, Turn IT On cooling arousal oil creates a cooling, sensation to the clitoris. Quickly, this moves to a tingling sensation as it awakens nerve endings and increases blood flow. When this occurs, the sensation of touch and other physical stimulation increases. Most importantly, it helps you achieve orgasm more easily!

No L-Arginine | No Parabens | No Chemicals | No Nasties

You’re just a drop away from pure pleasure…

If you would like to learn more about using Turn It On arousal oil as a libido booster, check out our blog on how to use arousal oils.



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